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The Impact Group

So here’s the TL;DR version of what The Impact Group is about:

The Impact Group team comes from venture-backed startups and large corporations. In those companies we focused on results and ROI. Now that we’re The Impact Group, we do the same thing for you:

We focus on your results and your ROI.

It’s what has made us so successful with some of the biggest and smaller names in the online & offline world.

Our Methodology to Geometrical Growth

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Our Team


Rudiger Merz
Rudiger has served as Chief Marketing Officer for firms ranging from an S&P 500 financial service company to fast-growing technology firms. His multi-cultural upbringing qualifies him to effectively build international sales & marketing organizations throughout EMEA, Northern & Latin America.


Tom Lazaroff
Tom comes from the client side of the marketing triangle, with extensive experience at Disney, Idea Lab, Hard Rock Cafe, E! Entertainment, and marketed his own kids product – Slushy Magic – on QVC. He’s a Pittsburgh native, and thus an ‘anything’ Pittsburgh fan.


Bruce Dundore
Bruce is an award winning Creative Director, copywriter, novelist and screenwriter who’s worked in every category on both coasts. He recently was responsible for the re-branding and fast success of Jaguar Cars in North America. A former New Yorker, he’s a die-hard Yankee fan, but he ‘gets’ Boston.


Chris Gwilliam
Long-time consultant and various executive and CEO positions in Financial Institutions in UK and CEE, Baltics and Gulf specializing in NPL/NPA resolution , corporate restructuring and PPID in banks.

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